Uber's Electric Surge: 10,000 EVs to Hit Australian Roads
Uber's Electric Surge: 10,000 EVs to Hit Australian Roads

Uber’s Electric Surge: 10,000 EVs to Hit Australian Roads

October 27, 2023

A Green Partnership: Uber and EVDirect Team Up

Uber’s making waves, folks, and not just the kind you catch with a surfboard. They’re importing a whopping 10,000 electric vehicles (EVs) from China, thanks to a partnership with EVDirect, the Australian distributor for Chinese electric carmaker BYD. This isn’t just a one-off thing; it’s part of Uber’s grand plan to make ride-sharing in Australia greener than a eucalyptus forest.

Now, let’s talk about these cars. Drivers can get their hands on a BYD Atto 3, starting at a retail price of $48,000. But don’t sweat it; financing options are available, starting at $269 a week. After four years, you’ll own the car outright. How’s that for a deal?

Second-Hand Market: A Boost is Coming

The influx of these new electric vehicles isn’t just good news for Uber drivers; it’s also going to give a nice little jolt to the second-hand EV market. Some of these cars will be sold to private buyers within a year, making it easier for more Aussies to go electric.

EVDirect CEO Luke Todd is pretty stoked about this. He thinks that once people realise the cost savings and how easy it is to switch to an electric vehicle, we’re going to see a tidal wave of interest. So, if you’ve been thinking about going electric, now might be the time to ride that wave.

Uber’s Green Goals: More Than Just a Buzzword

Uber Australia isn’t just talking the talk; they’re walking the walk—or should I say, driving the drive? They’re committed to eliminating emissions from their operations by 2040. And they’re not just doing it for the ‘gram; they’re offering something called Comfort Electric to encourage drivers to make the switch from petrol vehicles.

But wait, there’s more. Uber’s Green platform lets customers choose a ride from either an electric or a hybrid vehicle. So, not only do you get where you’re going, but you can also do it with a smaller carbon footprint. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, but without the calories.

Government Policy: The Missing Link?

Uber’s all in on this electric vehicle thing, but they’re also looking to the government to step up. They’re hoping for a powerful fuel efficiency standard to be introduced in the next six months. This would encourage more manufacturers to sell electric vehicles in Australia, making it easier for everyone to go green.

Dom Taylor, Uber Australia’s general manager, said they’re keen to see policy changes that drive rapid electric vehicle uptake. With private players like BYD entering the market, the time is ripe for some serious change. So, fingers crossed that the government gets on board with this electric revolution.


  1. What’s Uber’s Plan for Electric Vehicles in Australia?
    • Uber’s partnering with EVDirect to bring 10,000 electric vehicles into Australia. They’re aiming to make ride-sharing greener and boost the second-hand EV market.
  2. How Can Drivers Get an Electric Vehicle Through Uber?
    • Drivers can get a BYD Atto 3 with financing options starting at $269 a week. After four years, the car is yours.
  3. What is Uber’s Green Platform?
    • It’s a feature that allows customers to choose a ride from either an electric or a hybrid vehicle, making it easier to reduce your carbon footprint.
  4. Is the Government Supporting Uber’s Electric Initiative?
    • Uber is hoping for a powerful fuel efficiency standard from the government in the next six months to encourage more manufacturers to sell EVs in Australia.
  5. What’s the Impact on the Second-Hand EV Market?
    • The influx of new electric vehicles is expected to boost the second-hand market, making it easier for more people to go electric.

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