Top-Selling Electric Cars in Australia: A 2023 Mid-Year Review
Top-Selling Electric Cars in Australia: A 2023 Mid-Year Review

Top-Selling Electric Cars in Australia: A 2023 Mid-Year Review

October 9, 2023

Market Overview

In 2023, Australia’s electric vehicle (EV) market has experienced a significant surge, with sales numbers soaring, reflecting growing consumer interest and confidence in electric mobility solutions. The first three quarters of the year have been particularly promising, indicating a positive trajectory for the EV segment in the country.

Various brands are actively participating in the market, each aiming to carve a substantial niche in the burgeoning EV segment. This piece will delve into the sales performance of different electric car models, offering insights into consumer preferences and the evolving market trends.

Tesla’s Unwavering Market Grip

Tesla continues to be a dominant force in the Australian EV market with its Model Y and Model 3 vehicles. The Model Y has been a consumer favourite, with its sales reaching impressive numbers. Its popularity can be attributed to its superior range, unmatched performance, and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology.

On the other hand, the Model 3, while not as popular as the Model Y, still holds a significant market share. Its enduring appeal among both EV enthusiasts and the general consumer base is evident, with buyers appreciating its efficient performance, sleek design, and advanced technological features.

Chinese Brands Making Waves

BYD, a Chinese automaker, has made a noteworthy entry into the Australian market with its Atto 3 model, which has found a substantial consumer base. The Atto 3 addresses the demand for cost-effective yet high-quality electric vehicles, providing a viable alternative to models from more established brands.

Furthermore, other Chinese automotive brands are gradually cementing their presence in the Australian market. For instance, the MG ZS EV has recorded commendable sales, underscoring the growing trust and acceptance of Chinese EVs among Australian consumers.

Hybrids: A Balanced Alternative

Hybrids continue to be a preferred choice for many consumers, with models like the Volvo XC40 Recharge and the Polestar 2 being noteworthy contributors to this segment. These vehicles offer a balanced proposition for consumers who are hesitant to fully transition to electric vehicles, providing the perks of electric driving while retaining a conventional combustion engine for extended range and convenience.

Performance Spectrum of Non-Tesla EVs

Apart from Tesla and prominent Chinese brands, various other manufacturers are contributing significantly to the Australian EV landscape. Kia, with its EV6 and anticipated EV9 models, has garnered considerable attention. The upcoming EV9, in particular, is eagerly awaited and is expected to be a valuable addition to Kia’s EV lineup.

European manufacturers are not far behind, with models like Audi’s E-Tron GT and Mercedes-Benz’s EQA making significant inroads in the market. These vehicles offer a blend of luxury and performance, catering to consumers looking for premium electric vehicle options.

Emerging Players in the Market

The Australian EV market is witnessing the entry of new players that promise to offer more choices to consumers in terms of design, performance, and pricing. Brands like Cupra and GWM have introduced models that not only expand the available options for consumers but also challenge established brands to innovate to maintain their market positions.

Global Diversity in the Australian Market

The Australian EV market is a tapestry of global brands, each offering unique models to cater to the diverse consumer base. This global participation ensures a wide range of vehicles are available, each with different designs, performance metrics, and pricing, thereby catering to various consumer preferences and needs.

From American to Chinese to European manufacturers, the Australian market is a convergence of diverse brands, each contributing uniquely to the market. This diversity is indicative of a robust and competitive market where innovation and consumer choice are paramount.

Insights and Forward Look

The electric vehicle market in Australia has seen substantial growth and diversification in 2023. With Tesla at the forefront and various other brands making significant contributions, the Australian consumer has a wide and diverse range of electric vehicles to choose from.

As we approach the year’s end, it will be intriguing to see how the market dynamics evolve and which brands will consolidate their presence in the Australian market. With the EV segment on a consistent growth trajectory, the future of the automotive market in Australia is set to be electrifying.

The full list of sales in below

ModelTotalQ1 2023Q2 2023Q3 2023
Tesla Model Y234573169108339455
Tesla Model 314540723843372965
BYD Atto 38706209840982510
MG ZS EV2356916871569
Volvo XC40 Recharge2275827769679
Polestar 21789548599642
Kia EV61147159376612
Volvo C40 Recharge970236449285
MG 494100941
Mercedes-Benz EQA72577316332
Kia Niro EV721151283287
Hyundai Ioniq 5707288160259
Hyundai Kona Electric679237199243
BMW iX661255262144
BMW iX3597175153269
Cupra Born59410164420
Mercedes-Benz EQB578106201271
Hyundai Ioniq 641767233117
BMW iX13910184207
Nissan Leaf391138119134
Porsche Taycan375103143129
Mini Cooper SE35514112589
Mercedes-Benz EQE35280166106
GWM Ora283065218
Audi E-Tron GT2601079261
Mercedes-Benz EQC2314810677
BMW i4169138373
Lexus RZ16807098
Genesis GV60161615842
Audi E-Tron109423235
Fiat/Abarth 500e811080
Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV670067
Genesis GV70 Electrified66223410
LDV eT6064132823
Lexus UX300e58151429
Ford E-Transit5402529
BMW i751151521
Foton Mobility T54402024
Peugeot e-2008390039
Peugeot e-Partner350530
Mercedes-Benz EQS3441020
LDV eDeliver 9302919
Mercedes-Benz eVito Van286157
Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV270027
Jaguar I-Pace241194
SEA Electric trucks204610
Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer14437
Renault Kangoo ZE/E-Tech13652
Mazda MX-3012129
LDV Mifa 910262
Mercedes-Benz EQV8233
Genesis G80 Electrified6411
Hyundai Mighty3120
Renault Megane E-Tech1001


  • What are the top-selling electric vehicles in Australia for 2023?
    • Tesla Model Y and Model 3, along with BYD Atto 3, are the top-selling EVs.
  • How many units of Tesla Model Y were sold in 2023?
    • Tesla Model Y has sold 23,457 units in 2023.
  • Which Chinese electric vehicle models are popular in Australia?
    • BYD Atto 3 and MG ZS EV are popular Chinese EV models in Australia.
  • How do hybrid sales compare to fully electric vehicle sales?
    • While fully electric vehicles are gaining popularity, hybrids like Volvo XC40 Recharge and Polestar 2 continue to be significant in the market.
  • Which emerging brands are entering the Australian electric vehicle market?
    • Brands like Cupra and GWM are emerging competitors in the Australian EV market.

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