The Electric Toyota LandCruiser SE: Australia, Is This What We've Been Waiting For?
The Electric Toyota LandCruiser SE: Australia, Is This What We've Been Waiting For?

The Electric Toyota LandCruiser SE: Australia, Is This What We’ve Been Waiting For?

October 27, 2023

A Surprise Reveal: This Ain’t Your Dad’s LandCruiser

So, Toyota just threw us a curveball, didn’t they? At the Tokyo Mobility Show, they pulled the covers off an electric LandCruiser. But get this: it’s not just a LandCruiser with a battery; it’s a whole new animal.

The LandCruiser SE is bigger than the upcoming 2024 Toyota Prado, but here’s the real twist: it’s got a monocoque body. That’s right, no more body-on-frame. It’s like Toyota decided to shake things up and redefine what a LandCruiser can be.

Battery Gossip: What’s Under the Hood?

Okay, let’s get into the nitty-gritty—the battery. Toyota’s keeping mum on the details, but they did let slip that this electric SUV will feature their next-gen battery tech. Could it be those solid-state batteries everyone’s talking about? Who knows, but man, the suspense is real.

And here’s another tidbit: this isn’t just a show car. Toyota’s planning to get this electric LandCruiser into production by 2026. So, if you’re a LandCruiser fan, this is like waiting for your favourite band’s next album drop.

Design Vibes: A Whole New Look

The LandCruiser SE isn’t just about what’s under the hood; it’s got style too. It’s got these sharp lines and boxy proportions that make it look like it’s ready for anything, whether it’s a night out in the city or a weekend in the bush.

But don’t let the sleek design fool you. This SUV still has that LandCruiser DNA, with plenty of ground clearance and the kind of approach angles that say, “Yeah, I can handle off-road, no problem.”

Space Galore: Pack Your Bags

And if you thought the LandCruiser couldn’t get any roomier, well, you’re in for a surprise. Thanks to the flat floor—yeah, that’s an EV thing—this could be the most spacious LandCruiser yet. So, whether you’re planning a weekend surf trip or a month-long trek through the Outback, this LandCruiser’s got room for you and all your gear.

It’s not just about getting you where you need to go; it’s about making sure you enjoy the ride. With all this space, you can bring along everything you need for the perfect adventure.


  1. What’s the Big Deal About the LandCruiser SE’s Battery?
    • Ah, the million-dollar question! Toyota’s being super secretive about it, but they did hint that it’s gonna feature some next-gen battery tech. Could it be those game-changing solid-state batteries? We’re all biting our nails waiting to find out!
  2. Is the LandCruiser SE Just a Concept Car?
    • Nope, this isn’t just for show. Toyota’s got plans to roll this electric beast into production by 2026. So, if you’re a LandCruiser fan, it’s like waiting for the next season of your favourite show. The anticipation is real!
  3. How Roomy is This Electric LandCruiser?
    • Get ready to stretch out! Thanks to the flat floor design, which is one of the perks of being an electric vehicle, this could be the roomiest LandCruiser yet. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip or a cross-country adventure, this SUV’s got space for days.

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