The 2024 Jeep Avenger: An Affordable Electric Marvel
The 2024 Jeep Avenger: An Affordable Electric Marvel

The 2024 Jeep Avenger: An Affordable Electric Marvel

October 4, 2023

Jeep Australia is set to introduce its first all-electric model, the Avenger, towards the end of 2024. The Avenger is not only anticipated to be an affordable option but also a strong competitor against established electric vehicles (EVs) in the market.

With a starting price estimated around $60,000 before on-road costs, the Avenger is positioned to challenge the likes of Tesla Model Y, Kia Niro S Electric, Volvo EX30, Hyundai Kona EV, and its mechanically related cousin, the Peugeot e-2008.

Performance and Range

The Avenger is powered by a single electric motor that drives the front axle, delivering a robust 115kW/260Nm. This compact SUV is not just about efficiency; it’s also about delivering performance that lives up to the Jeep name.

With a 54kWh battery, the Avenger boasts a WLTP-certified range of 400km. Although the range for Australian models is yet to be confirmed, it’s expected to be competitive, with the added benefit of 100kW DC fast charging capabilities.

Target Audience and Interior

Jeep envisions the Avenger as the perfect vehicle for young couples and individuals looking to downsize without compromising on quality and performance. The Avenger offers a spacious interior within its compact design, making it an attractive option for various buyers.

Despite its compact size, the Avenger doesn’t compromise on interior space. It offers a comfortable and capacious interior, making it ideal for both daily commutes and longer journeys.

Dimensions and Driving Modes

Measuring 4084mm in length, 1776mm in width, 1528mm in height, with a 2560mm wheelbase, the Avenger is a compact SUV that offers substantial space and comfort for its occupants. Its dimensions make it a versatile vehicle, suitable for city driving and weekend getaways alike.

The Avenger is designed to embody Jeep’s ‘go anywhere’ attitude with front-wheel drive and six driving modes, including Snow, Mud, and Sand settings. It also features hill descent control for navigating through challenging terrains, making it a true Jeep at heart.

Features and Safety

Potential buyers can expect a 10.25-inch multimedia touchscreen and a 10.0-inch digital instrument cluster, along with a wireless smartphone charger. The Avenger is also equipped with a comprehensive suite of active safety systems, ensuring a safe and secure driving experience.

In keeping with Jeep’s tradition, the Avenger incorporates various Easter Eggs throughout its design, including the brand’s iconic seven-slot grille on each wheel, a tailgate embossed with the model’s design journey, and a whimsical star-gazing child decal on the windscreen.


  • What is the estimated price of the Jeep Avenger in Australia?
    • The estimated starting price is around $60,000 before on-road costs.
  • What is the electric range of the Jeep Avenger?
    • It has a WLTP-certified range of 400km.
  • What are the driving modes available in the Jeep Avenger?
    • The Avenger offers six driving modes including Snow, Mud, and Sand settings.
  • What are the safety features in the Jeep Avenger?
    • It comes equipped with a full suite of active safety systems.
  • When will the Jeep Avenger be available in Australia?
    • It is expected to be available towards the end of 2024.

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