South Australia's Electric Vehicle Surge: What's Driving the Change?
South Australia's Electric Vehicle Surge: What's Driving the Change?

South Australia’s Electric Vehicle Surge: What’s Driving the Change?

October 31, 2023

South Australians: Ready for Electric, but Waiting for a Nudge

Alright, South Australia, let’s get real. A recent RAA survey shows that a lot of you are pretty jazzed about the idea of electric vehicles (EVs). Specifically, 43% of those surveyed are already considering making the switch, while another 40% are mulling it over. And for the remaining 18%? Well, they’re still weighing their options.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: Nearly half of the respondents are saying, “Hey, government, can we get a little help here?” We’re talking about things like cheaper electricity, some nice rebates, and a few more charging stations sprinkled around the state. These are the kinds of perks that could really kickstart a mass move to electric vehicles.

What’s the Hold-Up, South Australia?

So, what’s keeping you from taking the electric plunge? The RAA survey sheds some light on this. The upfront cost of an EV is a hurdle for many. Then there’s the whole ‘range anxiety’ thing—worrying that your EV will conk out before you get to where you’re going. And of course, there’s the not-so-small matter of limited public charging stations and rising electricity prices.

The RAA sent this survey to over 20,000 of their members and got 868 valid responses. That’s a decent sample size, giving us a good look at what South Australians are thinking.

The Price Tag: A Barrier But Not a Deal-Breaker

Mark Borlace, RAA’s senior manager of Future Mobility, says EVs are becoming mainstream. About half of the survey respondents are willing to shell out an extra $5,000 to $10,000 for an EV. But the price and range concerns are still there.

However, Mark assures us that smaller EVs will soon be more affordable. Plus, new models are hitting the market with longer driving ranges. So, the future’s looking bright, folks!

Country Roads and Electric Cars: A Mismatch?

Interestingly, 60% of country drivers aren’t too keen on EVs. Mark Borlace thinks the focus should be on making country folks more comfortable with EVs. After all, they need cars that can handle both city and country driving.

The SA government and RAA are already collaborating on a $24 million project to roll out more charging stations, with a focus on regional areas. So, help is on the way!

The Long-Term Savings: Why EVs Make Sense

Samuel Moyes, an EV owner, is a living testament to the cost-saving benefits of going electric. He saves around $2,500 a year compared to when he drove a hybrid. A round trip from his home in Tailem Bend to Adelaide costs him just about $2.

He charges his EV both at home and in public car parks in Adelaide. For Samuel, switching back to a fossil fuel-based vehicle just doesn’t make sense. He’s all in on the electric revolution, and maybe you should be too.


  1. What is the South Australian government’s electric vehicle strategy?
    • The SA government is collaborating with RAA on a $24 million project to increase charging stations, especially in regional areas.
  2. What is the federal government pushing for electric vehicles?
    • The federal government is still formulating its strategy, but there are discussions about rebates and infrastructure development.
  3. Why does the government want all cars to be electric?
    • The move toward electric vehicles is part of a broader strategy to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.
  4. How can I benefit from government incentives for EVs in South Australia?
    • You can take advantage of rebates and lower electricity costs, which are part of the government’s plan to promote EVs.
  5. What are the best EV models available in South Australia?

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