Rolls Royce Spectre: The Dawn of Electric Luxury
Rolls Royce Spectre: The Dawn of Electric Luxury

Rolls Royce Spectre: The Dawn of Electric Luxury

November 11, 2023

Rolls Royce’s Electric Vision

The unveiling of the Rolls Royce Spectre in Australia marks a historic pivot for the iconic luxury car brand, as it embarks on a journey towards an all-electric future. Known globally as the Spirit of Ecstasy, the emblematic figure of Rolls Royce, affectionately dubbed Eleanor by enthusiasts, has graced the marque’s bonnets for over a century. Now, she takes a bold leap into the future, adorning the company’s first electric vehicle (EV) with a redesigned posture that signals movement and progress.

A Testament to Engineering and Luxury

The Spectre is not just an electric vehicle; it’s a statement of Rolls Royce’s commitment to craftsmanship and client personalisation. With a promise to transition its entire fleet to electric by 2030, Rolls Royce is ensuring that the luxury and bespoke nature of its offerings remain untouched. The Spectre, a super coupe, may signal the end of the internal combustion era for the brand, but it retains the opulence and customisation that have become synonymous with the Rolls Royce name.

The Bespoke Experience

Every Rolls Royce is unique, and the Spectre is no exception. Customers have the liberty to tailor their vehicles to reflect their personal style, whether they prefer sporty, elegant, or classic designs. The interior of the Spectre is a celestial experience, featuring a Shooting Star Roofline that can be commissioned to commemorate significant life events, mirroring the stars on a special date.

Eleanor’s New Era

The redesign of Eleanor, the Spirit of Ecstacy, took over 800 hours, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that Rolls Royce engineers and designers invest in their work. This dedication extends to the entire vehicle, ensuring that each Spectre is a masterpiece of engineering and design, worthy of the brand’s storied legacy.

Anticipation and Exclusivity

Acquiring a Spectre is an exercise in patience and exclusivity. Following its recent delivery to an English customer, Australian buyers may anticipate a wait of one to two years to take delivery of their own Spectre. The price tag, starting at $770,000 plus on-road costs, is a testament to the vehicle’s exclusivity and the prestige associated with owning a Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce Spectre: The Dawn of Electric Luxury


  1. Is Rolls-Royce committed to an all-electric future? Yes, Rolls-Royce has pledged to electrify its entire lineup by 2030, starting with the Spectre.
  2. What makes the Rolls Royce Spectre unique? The Spectre offers traditional Rolls Royce luxury with the benefits of electric power, plus bespoke customisation for each owner.
  3. Can the Spectre’s interior be personalised? Absolutely, the Spectre’s Shooting Star Roofline and other features can be tailored to mark special occasions or personal tastes.
  4. How long is the wait for a Rolls Royce Spectre in Australia? The wait could be between one and a half to two years after placing an order.
  5. What is the starting price for the Rolls Royce Spectre? The Spectre starts at $770,000, excluding on-road costs.

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