Pioneering the Electric Future: Greenpeace Australia’s Monumental EV Charging Initiative
Pioneering the Electric Future: Greenpeace Australia’s Monumental EV Charging Initiative

Pioneering the Electric Future: Greenpeace Australia’s Monumental EV Charging Initiative

October 11, 2023

Accelerating Electric Fleets: A Call to Action

Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s announcement marks a significant milestone in the nation’s journey towards sustainable transportation. With a $12 million funding injection from ARENA, the organisation is set to launch the largest EV fleet charging project in Australia’s history, providing a robust framework for businesses to transition to electric fleets seamlessly.

Violette Snow, a spokesperson for Greenpeace Australia Pacific, expressed enthusiasm and confidence in the initiative, emphasising its crucial role in aligning Australia with global electric vehicle transition trends. Snow’s call to action for businesses is clear and compelling: commit to 100% electric fleets and contribute actively to building a sustainable, eco-friendly future.

The Business Case for Electric Fleets

The infusion of funds into charging-as-a-service infrastructure significantly bolsters the business case for electric fleets. This strategic investment eliminates any lingering hesitancy within the corporate sector, paving the way for widespread adoption of electric vehicles. With the economic and environmental landscape favouring EVs, businesses have every reason to join the electric revolution.

Leading corporations, including the likes of IKEA, Woolworths, and Westpac, are already championing the cause by integrating electric vehicles into their daily operations. Their commitment to electric fleets serves as a beacon for other businesses, showcasing the feasibility and benefits of making the switch to electric.

The Role of Fleets in EV Adoption

Fleets are a cornerstone in the broader adoption of electric vehicles in Australia. With over 40% of new car sales attributed to fleets and a typical lifecycle of 3-5 years, fleet electrification has a ripple effect on the availability of electric vehicles in the secondary market. This dynamic facilitates access to affordable EVs for the Australian public, promoting sustainable living.

“A commitment to electric fleets by businesses means that more Australians will have the opportunity to purchase EVs at more accessible prices, driving the nation towards a cleaner and healthier future,” Snow remarked. This transition is not just about businesses; it’s about making electric vehicles accessible and affordable for all Australians.

Australia’s Position in Global EV Transition

Australia currently faces the risk of lagging in the global electric vehicle adoption race. Without proactive measures and commitment to the electric vehicle transition, Australia stands to become a repository for outdated, pollution-intensive vehicles. The forthcoming announcement from the Federal Government regarding Fuel Efficiency Standards is eagerly anticipated by industry watchers and environmental advocates alike.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific continues its advocacy work, urging the government to resist the inclusion of ‘multiplier credits’ in fuel efficiency schemes—a move heavily promoted by petrol car lobbyists. The organisation stresses the importance of clear, unambiguous policies that genuinely promote the adoption of cleaner, more efficient vehicles.

Charging Infrastructure Expansion

To complement the push for electric fleets, Greenpeace Australia Pacific has proposed a substantial expansion of EV charging infrastructure. The plan involves installing charging stations at approximately 4,000 supermarkets across the nation, resulting in up to 25,000 new charging points. This initiative aims to make electric vehicle charging more accessible and convenient for Australians, encouraging EV adoption.

This infrastructure proposal is not just about numbers; it’s about creating an environment where electric vehicle usage is easy and convenient for every Australian. With charging points readily available, the adoption of electric vehicles becomes a more viable and attractive option for the public, fostering a culture of sustainability.

The launch of Australia’s most extensive EV fleet charging project by Greenpeace Australia Pacific is a landmark initiative in promoting electric vehicle adoption among businesses. With substantial funding, a clear call to action, and a strong business case, the project is set to accelerate the nation’s transition to electric fleets. The proposed expansion of charging infrastructure further supports this transition, making electric vehicles a practical and accessible choice for all Australians. Through these initiatives, Greenpeace Australia Pacific is not just envisioning, but actively constructing a cleaner, healthier future for the nation.


  • Q: How significant is the funding from ARENA for this project?
    • A: The $12 million funding from ARENA is crucial as it supports the largest EV fleet charging project in Australia, facilitating the transition to electric fleets among businesses.
  • Q: Which major companies have already adopted electric fleets?
    • A: Companies like IKEA, Woolworths, and Westpac have taken the lead in transitioning to electric fleets, setting an example for other businesses.
  • Q: How does fleet electrification impact the availability of EVs for the public?
    • A: Fleet electrification increases the availability of second-hand EVs in the market, making them more accessible and affordable for the public.
  • Q: What is Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s stance on the upcoming Fuel Efficiency Standards?
    • A: Greenpeace Australia Pacific advocates for clear and effective Fuel Efficiency Standards, opposing the inclusion of ‘multiplier credits’ in these schemes.
  • Q: How will the proposed charging infrastructure expansion benefit Australians?
    • A: The addition of up to 25,000 new charging points at supermarkets nationwide will make EV charging more accessible and convenient for all Australians.

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