NSW’s Phased Approach to EV Rebates
NSW’s Phased Approach to EV Rebates

NSW’s Phased Approach to EV Rebates

September 28, 2023

The New South Wales (NSW) Government has unveiled a strategic plan to phase out electric vehicle (EV) rebates by 2024. This initiative is part of a broader $260 million scheme aimed at accelerating the transition to electric vehicles. Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Penny Sharpe, emphasised that increasing the number of EVs is crucial for NSW to achieve Net Zero emissions.

To support the uptake of EVs, the NSW Government is committed to boosting funding for essential infrastructure. Sharpe assured that whether it’s in apartment buildings, commuter car parks, or along the kerbside, the government is dedicated to establishing the necessary infrastructure to facilitate smooth travel for electric vehicle drivers.

Efficient Use of Taxpayer Dollars

NSW Treasurer Daniel Mookhey highlighted the importance of utilising taxpayer dollars efficiently during the transition to electric vehicles. He stated that government spending benefits should not be concentrated among a select few. Instead, it’s imperative to ensure that funds are distributed equitably across the state to benefit all residents.

Mookhey further explained that savings accrued from eliminating costly exemptions and rebates would be reinvested to facilitate a more equitable and efficient rollout of electric vehicles. This approach aims to ensure that the transition to EVs is not only smooth but also economically prudent and beneficial for all citizens of NSW.

Infrastructure Enhancement for EVs

The NSW Government’s commitment to increasing funding for essential EV infrastructure is a pivotal move to support the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads. Infrastructure enhancement is fundamental to ensuring that electric vehicle drivers can travel efficiently and conveniently from one point to another.

The focus on infrastructure in various locations, including apartment buildings, commuter car parks, and kerbsides, is indicative of the government’s comprehensive approach to making electric vehicle travel accessible and convenient for all residents, regardless of where they reside in the state.

Equitable and Efficient EV Rollout

The planned phase-out of EV rebates and the reinvestment of savings into the sector is a strategic approach to ensure an equitable and efficient EV rollout in NSW. The government aims to ensure that the benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles are shared across the state, promoting fairness and efficiency in the process.

By cutting exemptions and rebates that are deemed costly, the government plans to reallocate those funds where they are needed most. This reallocation is expected to drive a more balanced and effective rollout of electric vehicles, making the transition more accessible and affordable for a broader segment of the population.


  • Why is the NSW Government phasing out EV rebates? To reallocate funds for a more equitable and efficient rollout of electric vehicles across the state.
  • What is the focus of the increased funding for EV infrastructure? The funding aims to enhance infrastructure in apartments, commuter car parks, and kerbsides to facilitate EV travel.
  • How does the government plan to use savings from cutting exemptions and rebates? Savings will be reinvested to support a fair and efficient transition to electric vehicles in NSW.
  • What is the goal of the NSW Government’s $260 million plan for EVs? The plan aims to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles and ensure infrastructure supports this transition.
  • Why is infrastructure enhancement crucial for EV transition? Enhanced infrastructure is vital for the convenience and efficiency of electric vehicle drivers in NSW.

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