LDV's GST: A Powerful 4x4 Ute Set to Electrify Australia in 2024
LDV's GST: A Powerful 4x4 Ute Set to Electrify Australia in 2024

LDV’s GST: A Powerful 4×4 Ute Set to Electrify Australia in 2024

September 15, 2023

SAIC’s Electric Powerhouse: The GST Ute

Earlier this year, at the Shanghai motor show, SAIC, the parent company of Chinese automaker LDV, unveiled a concept 4×4 ute named the GST. This vehicle boasted staggering performance metrics, including a power output of 746 kW (1000 hp), a peak torque of 14,000 Nm, and an impressive 0-100 km/h acceleration in roughly three seconds. Initially, it seemed the GST was primarily targeting the North American market. However, recent statements from LDV’s general manager, Dinesh Chinnappa, indicate that Australia will see the GST on its roads by the latter half of 2024.

The introduction of the GST to the Australian market signifies LDV’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. As the global automotive industry shifts towards electric mobility, LDV aims to be at the forefront, offering vehicles that not only reduce carbon emissions but also provide unparalleled performance and features. The GST is a testament to this vision, combining power, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology in one package. Moreover, LDV’s strategic move to introduce the GST to Australia underscores the country’s growing importance as a key market for electric vehicles.

Challenging the Titans: LDV’s Vision for the GST

The GST is LDV’s answer to popular Australian utes like the Hilux and Ranger. It aims to rival them in performance, rugged design, and sheer presence. The vehicle’s design draws parallels with the GMC Hummer EV, while its spacious front boot is reminiscent of the Ford F150 Lightning. Built with a robust body-on-chassis construction, the GST is a nod to traditional off-roaders. But as an electric vehicle, it promises capabilities that internal combustion engine competitors can only aspire to. This includes precise control at crawling speeds thanks to its electric 4WD and a Vehicle to Load (V2L) feature that can power 240V appliances directly from the vehicle’s battery.

Furthermore, the GST’s design and features reflect LDV’s understanding of the modern consumer’s needs. Beyond performance, consumers today value sustainability, versatility, and advanced technology. The GST’s electric powertrain addresses environmental concerns, while its unique features, such as the V2L functionality and adaptable rear seats, cater to a wide range of user requirements, from outdoor adventures to daily commuting. LDV’s focus on consumer-centric design and innovation is evident in every aspect of the GST, making it a vehicle truly designed for the future.

Innovative Features and Future Speculations

The GST concept showcased several intriguing features, such as a yoke steering wheel, a solid-state battery promising a range of ‘1000 km’, a barrier that can be opened between the cabin’s back and tub, and rear seats that can rotate 180 degrees and slide to the tailgate. While it remains to be seen which of these features will make it to the production model, the anticipation is palpable. LDV has hinted that the final specifications and pricing will be announced closer to the 2024 launch date.

In addition to the features already highlighted, industry insiders speculate that the GST might come equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems, enhancing safety and driving experience. The vehicle’s potential for over-the-air updates could also ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of technology throughout its lifecycle. As the launch date approaches, the automotive community eagerly awaits more details and announcements from LDV regarding the GST’s final specifications. The buzz surrounding the GST is undeniable, and its launch is expected to be one of the most significant events in the Australian automotive calendar in 2024.


1. What is the LDV GST? The LDV GST is a concept 4×4 electric ute unveiled by SAIC, LDV’s parent company, at the Shanghai motor show.

2. When is the GST expected to launch in Australia? LDV plans to introduce the GST to the Australian market in the second half of 2024.

3. Will the GST replace the eT60 dual cab? It’s unclear whether the GST will replace the eT60 dual cab or be an additional offering. However, LDV has confirmed that the vehicle will have a different name in Australia.

4. What are some standout features of the GST? The GST boasts a yoke steering wheel, a solid-state battery with a ‘1000 km’ range, and rear seats that can rotate and slide to the tailgate, among other features.


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