Honda’s Upcoming Electric Vehicle Lineup
Honda’s Upcoming Electric Vehicle Lineup

Honda’s Upcoming Electric Vehicle Lineup

October 4, 2023

Honda is actively advancing in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, unveiling a series of promising new models, despite the apparent market constraints in Australia. The company has recently announced its participation in the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show in October, where it will present multiple EVs, highlighting its commitment to the electric revolution.

Honda’s Electric Showcase

Honda’s presentation at the Tokyo Motor Show will be headlined by the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV, a vehicle approximately the size of the CR-V. This fully-electric SUV incorporates battery and chassis technology provided by General Motors. The Prologue is a significant part of Honda’s collaboration with GM, primarily targeting the North American market.

The Prologue shares its battery and technological features with the Chevrolet Blazer EV. It boasts an impressive near-500km driving range, supported by an 85kW ‘Ultium’ lithium-ion battery and a 215kW/415Nm dual-motor powertrain. The vehicle also features Google-based internal software displayed on large screens, enhancing the driving and user experience.

Exclusive Electric Models

Honda is set to reveal a ‘Specialty Sports Concept’ at the Tokyo show, described as an electric sports car designed to deliver “the pure joy of driving.” This vehicle is anticipated to be an evolution of a coupe that Honda teased in 2022, further expanding its electric portfolio.

In addition to these models, Honda has showcased four concept vehicles as part of the China-exclusive e:N range. These concepts include a mid-size SUV, two small coupe SUVs, and a GT-styled sedan, each contributing to Honda’s diverse and expanding electric lineup.

Future Electric Plans

Honda has outlined plans for a larger EV set to launch in 2025, built on a new Honda EV platform. However, this vehicle will initially focus on the North American market. In Japan, Honda plans to release an electric van in early 2024, an electric version of the N ONE hatchback in 2025, and a pair of small cars, including an SUV, in 2026.

In China, Honda is pursuing aggressive electrification plans, intending to launch ten new models by 2027. These plans include the previously mentioned concept vehicles, each designed to cater to the unique demands of the Chinese market.

Australian Market Challenges

Despite the introduction of these innovative models, it remains uncertain whether they will be available in Australia. The larger vehicles, which are more suited to the Australian market, are being produced in left-hand drive for the Chinese and North American markets. The right-hand drive models available in Japan are primarily smaller vehicles, which have limited demand in Australia.

Honda Australia is currently focusing on refreshing its range of combustion and hybrid vehicles, with the arrival of the larger 2024 Honda CR-V slated for the end of 2024. While the company has not provided specific details regarding the release of all-electric models in Australia, it has hinted at exciting developments to come by 2026.


  • What is the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV?
    • The Prologue SUV is a fully-electric vehicle, approximately the size of the CR-V, set to be unveiled in 2024.
  • Is Honda collaborating with other companies for their electric vehicles?
    • Yes, Honda is collaborating with General Motors for the production of the Prologue SUV.
  • Will the new Honda electric vehicles be available in Australia?
    • It’s uncertain as the availability depends on the market demand and production of right-hand drive models.
  • What is Honda’s Specialty Sports Concept?
    • It is an electric sports car concept designed to deliver pure driving joy, expected to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.
  • Does Honda have plans for the electric vehicle market in China?
    • Yes, Honda has aggressive electrification plans in China, with ten new models expected to be available by 2027.

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