Exploring Electric: Insights and Highlights from the Recent Car Sales EV Show in Australia

Exploring Electric: Insights and Highlights from the Recent Car Sales EV Show in Australia

October 9, 2023

Having recently attended the Car Sales EV Show at the convention centre, I experienced an immediate, albeit slight, wave of disappointment due to the event’s size. Expectations of a grand showcase featuring a majority of car manufacturers, perhaps flaunting their concept cars or unveiling new models for eager consumers, were not met. The anticipation of a spectacle where innovation meets elegance in the realm of electric vehicles was somewhat dampened by the reality of the event’s scale.

Constant Crowd, Limited Showcase

Despite its modest scale, the show maintained a steady flow of attendees. Each vehicle, momentarily left unattended or unobserved, would soon attract a curious individual or a group of people, eager to explore its features and aesthetics. The constant hum of excitement and the sparkle of interest in the eyes of the attendees provided a vibrant atmosphere, making the space alive with the silent buzz characteristic of electric vehicles.

The crowd, while consistently present, moved fluidly through the displays, creating a dynamic environment where the allure of electric mobility was palpable. Each car seemed to whisper promises of a sustainable, efficient future, drawing people in with magnetic force, sparking curiosity and fascination with every sleek line and innovative feature presented.

Manufacturers on Display

The event saw participation from Kia, Audi, Hyundai, Polestar, Peugeot, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Cupra, and GWM, a lineup significantly shorter than the 32 car makers currently selling EVs in Australia. However, the variety on display was sufficient to engage visitors throughout the day, offering insights into different models and their unique features. The manufacturers present took the opportunity to shine, each carving a niche and presenting a vision of electric mobility that was as diverse as it was compelling.

While the roster of participating manufacturers was limited, those present brought forth a selection that showcased the versatility and range of options available in the electric vehicle market. From luxury to utility, the cars on display painted a picture of an electric future that is not only feasible but is also imbued with style, efficiency, and innovation.

Beyond Cars: Products and Services

Interestingly, the event didn’t just focus on cars. It provided a platform for various companies to exhibit a range of products and services related to electric vehicles. From home and commercial charging solutions to custom modification services, solar products, finance options, and electric motorbikes, scooters, and skateboards, the show offered something for every EV enthusiast. The diversity of products and services highlighted the expanding ecosystem surrounding electric vehicles, showcasing the many ways in which the transition to electric mobility is being supported and enhanced.

The array of products and services provided insights into the broader landscape of electric mobility, offering solutions and options for every aspect of the electric vehicle ownership experience. From acquisition to customization, charging to maintenance, the show illuminated the pathways through which consumers can not only own but truly enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles.

Spotlight on Cars and Manufacturers

Peugeot led the pack with five vehicles on display, including two fully electric models: the e-2008 and the e-Partner commercial van. They also showcased three Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), providing visitors with a glimpse into the brand’s diverse electric offerings. The presence of both fully electric and hybrid models offered a comprehensive view of Peugeot’s commitment to electric mobility, with options suited for various consumer needs and preferences.

Hyundai presented four all-electric models, including the popular Kona Electric and the Ioniq series, while Audi showcased the luxurious Q8 55 e-tron and the RS e-tron GT. Kia drew attention with the EV6 GT and the yet-to-be-released EV9, which garnered significant interest due to its stunning design and anticipated impact on the market. Each manufacturer brought a distinct flavour to the show, contributing to a mosaic of electric mobility that was as varied as it was fascinating. The full list of vehicles on display is below

Peugeote-2008 (Fully Electric)
e-Partner (Fully Electric Commercial Van)
308 PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
508 Sportswagon PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
408 PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
HyundaiKona Electric (Fully Electric)
Ioniq 5 (Fully Electric)
Ioniq 6 (Fully Electric)
Ioniq 5 N (Fully Electric)
AudiQ8 55 e-tron (Fully Electric)
RS e-tron GT (Fully Electric)
KiaEV6 GT (Fully Electric)
EV9 (Fully Electric – Not yet available in Australia)
Fiat500e (Fully Electric), Abarth 500e (Fully Electric)
Alfa RomeoTonale Hybrid
GWMORA (Fully Electric) – Three units on display
PolestarPolestar 3 (Fully Electric)
CupraBorn (Fully Electric)
McLarenArtura (Hybrid Technology)

Each of these cars contributed to the variety and diversity of electric and hybrid vehicles showcased at the event.

Observations and Reflections

Each car on display was meticulously maintained by the staff, with fingerprints swiftly wiped away and questions from potential customers promptly answered. The diligent attention to detail ensured that each vehicle was presented in its best light, allowing the beauty and innovation inherent in each model to shine through.

Despite the palpable excitement and interest from attendees, one couldn’t help but wonder how much more engaging the event could have been had more manufacturers participated with a greater number of models on display. The limited representation sparked questions regarding the commitment of some manufacturers to the electric vehicle market in Australia, subtly casting shadows of doubt over the future landscape of electric mobility in the country.

Wrapping Up the Experience

While the Car Sales EV Show might have fallen short of expectations in terms of scale and participation, it offered a valuable experience for attendees to explore various electric vehicles and related products and services. The event provided insights into the current state of the EV market in Australia, highlighting the need for greater involvement from manufacturers to promote electric vehicles and foster a more sustainable future. The show, despite its limitations, succeeded in creating a space where the promise and potential of electric mobility could be explored and celebrated, providing a glimpse into a future powered by clean, efficient, and innovative electric vehicles.


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