Elevating Public EV Charging: Jolt’s Pioneering Innovations
Elevating Public EV Charging: Jolt’s Pioneering Innovations

Elevating Public EV Charging: Jolt’s Pioneering Innovations

October 17, 2023

Key Innovations and Improvements

Jolt, a prominent Australian electric vehicle (EV) charge point operator, has meticulously curated a series of transformative strategies aimed at optimising the functionality and user experience of public EV charging stations. Through a comprehensive 2.5-year trial, generously co-funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Arena), Jolt has cultivated a wealth of practical insights and actionable lessons. These findings, derived from the deployment of 21 innovative public EV charging stations across South Australia, serve as a beacon, guiding the evolution of efficient and user-friendly EV charging infrastructures.

The trial, a $2 million endeavour, has been a crucible of innovation, yielding essential design and operational enhancements that promise to redefine the standards of EV charging. Jolt’s commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction has fuelled a series of design modifications, each meticulously crafted to address specific challenges and optimise the overall charging experience. These enhancements herald a new era of convenience, reliability, and efficiency in the realm of public EV charging.

High-Visibility Charging Bays

In a significant stride towards operational efficiency, Jolt has championed the implementation of high-visibility charging bays. These brightly painted and prominently marked spaces are a testament to the power of clarity and visibility in enhancing user experience. This simple yet impactful modification has dramatically curtailed the erroneous occupation of EV designated spaces by internal combustion engine vehicles, ensuring that EV drivers have consistent and reliable access to charging facilities.

The vibrantly demarcated spaces serve as a clear and unmistakable guide, facilitating the correct utilisation of the charging infrastructure. This enhancement not only optimises the functionality of the charging stations but also fosters a more organised and efficient charging environment. Such thoughtful design considerations underscore Jolt’s commitment to cultivating an intuitive and user-friendly charging ecosystem.

Extended Cables and Wheel Stops

Jolt’s innovative approach extends to the practical aspects of the charging process. Recognising the diverse designs of various EV models and the array of parking behaviours exhibited by drivers, Jolt has introduced extended charging cables. By increasing the cable length from four to seven meters, Jolt has ensured that the charging facilities are universally accessible and convenient, accommodating a broader spectrum of vehicles and user needs.

Complementing the extended cables are the strategically placed wheel stops. These essential additions enhance safety, preventing inadvertent collisions with the charging equipment. Moreover, they facilitate a more precise alignment with the charging stations, streamlining the connection process and enhancing the overall user experience. Together, these thoughtful modifications epitomise Jolt’s dedication to practical innovation and user-centric design.

Enhanced Remote Monitoring and Customer Service

Jolt’s embrace of technological innovation is evident in its enhanced remote monitoring capabilities. This feature enables a more dynamic and responsive operational approach, allowing for real-time network performance assessments, prompt diagnostics, and efficient maintenance procedures. Enhanced monitoring also facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources by enabling the prediction of peak demand periods, underscoring Jolt’s commitment to sustainability.

In a bid to foster a more informed and confident user base, Jolt has bolstered its customer service framework. Users now have access to a rich repository of resources, including comprehensive FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and instructional videos. This initiative aims to empower users, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the charging process with confidence and ease.


  • Q: What enhancements has Jolt made to the visibility of charging bays?
    • A: Jolt has implemented high-visibility, brightly painted charging bays to reduce the erroneous occupation by non-EV vehicles.
  • Q: How has Jolt improved the accessibility of charging stations?
    • A: Jolt has introduced extended cables and wheel stops to accommodate various vehicle designs and enhance user convenience.
  • Q: What technological advancements has Jolt incorporated?
    • A: Enhanced remote monitoring capabilities have been integrated for improved operational efficiency and service responsiveness.
  • Q: How is Jolt enhancing customer service?
    • A: Jolt offers a range of resources, including FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and instructional videos, to empower and assist users.
  • Q: What is the focus of Jolt’s innovations?
    • A: Jolt focuses on user-centric design and operational enhancements to optimise the functionality and reliability of public EV charging stations.

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