BYD Seal: The New Contender in Australia's EV Market
BYD Seal: The New Contender in Australia's EV Market

BYD Seal: The New Contender in Australia’s EV Market

November 8, 2023

Revving Up the Competition

Electric vehicle tourism is charging up in New South Wales (NSW), with a new initiative that promises to make travel more sustainable and enjoyable for EV drivers. Picture this: cruising through the scenic routes of NSW, your journey punctuated by stops at charming wineries, bustling restaurants, and engaging cultural sites—all while your electric vehicle effortlessly sips energy from conveniently located charging stations.

The NSW government has set in motion a $10 million program that aims to pepper the state with at least 1,500 destination chargers, strategically placed in tourist hotspots to enhance the charging infrastructure in regional towns. This move is not just about facilitating travel; it’s about enriching the experience. Businesses such as zoos, museums, and even local councils are being incentivised to join the green revolution, with offers to cover 75% of the costs for setting up chargers.

A Boost for Regional Tourism and Business

This electrifying plan is set to roll out a series of EV tourist drives, designed to showcase the best of electric travel across the state. With electric vehicles now accounting for 10.6% of new passenger and SUV car sales this year, the timing couldn’t be better. And as research indicates, easing the concerns about the availability of chargers could put an even greater number of EVs on the road.

Premier Chris Minns is spearheading the launch, emphasising that the availability of EV charging facilities at regional destinations will help dispel ‘range anxiety’—the EV driver’s nemesis—and bolster confidence in electric vehicle purchases. This initiative is a cornerstone in the state’s strategy to have EVs constitute more than half of all car sales by 2031.

The Green Revolution in NSW

Energy Minister Penny Sharpe echoes this sentiment, highlighting the multifaceted benefits: a boon for the environment, a plus for EV drivers, a boost for tourism, and a win for regional businesses. The program is part of a larger $209 million investment in NSW’s charging infrastructure, which also includes funds to retrofit apartments with EV chargers and establish ultra-fast charging stations.

However, it’s not all smooth driving ahead. The investments are set to replace up to $5540 in bonuses for those making the switch to electric. The exemption from stamp duty for vehicles under $78,000 and a $3000 rebate for new EVs will be phased out after January 1. Yet, those who have already purchased or put down a deposit before the year’s end can still reap the benefits, regardless of delivery timing.

The Road Ahead for EVs in NSW

As we look to the roads ahead, the message is clear: NSW is plugging into the future, driving towards a destination where electric vehicle tourism isn’t just a possibility—it’s a reality. The NSW government’s commitment to expanding the EV charging network is a testament to its dedication to a cleaner, more sustainable future for all Australians.

With initiatives like these, NSW is not just setting a precedent for other states but also for the country as a whole. The focus on sustainability, tourism, and the economy presents a holistic approach to the adoption of electric vehicles, making it an attractive prospect for current and future EV drivers.


  1. What is the NSW government’s initiative for EV tourism?
    • The NSW government has launched a $10 million program to install 1,500 destination chargers across tourist hotspots to support EV tourism.
  2. How does the EV charger initiative benefit businesses?
    • Businesses are offered subsidies covering 75% of charger installation costs, encouraging them to support sustainable travel.
  3. What is ‘range anxiety’ and how is NSW addressing it?
    • ‘Range anxiety’ is the fear of running out of power before reaching a charging station. NSW is combating this by increasing charger availability.
  4. Will the new EV incentives replace existing bonuses?
    • Yes, the new investments will phase out existing rebates and stamp duty exemptions for electric vehicles after January 1.
  5. What future plans does NSW have for EVs?
    • NSW aims for EVs to make up over half of all car sales by 2031 and is investing in infrastructure to support this goal.

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