Hydrogen-Powered Revolution: Illawarra's Trailblazing Garbage Truck
Hydrogen-Powered Revolution: Illawarra's Trailblazing Garbage Truck

Hydrogen-Powered Revolution: Illawarra’s Trailblazing Garbage Truck

October 20, 2023

A Milestone in Green Transportation

Illawarra has become the stage for an environmental breakthrough with the introduction of a hydrogen-powered garbage truck. Waste management company Remondis has rolled out this 110-kilowatt electric vehicle, marking it as Australia’s first zero-emission garbage truck. The vehicle is not only a friend to the Earth but also offers the added benefit of being much quieter than its diesel counterparts.

Chris Wade, the regional manager for Remondis, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for this pioneering venture. “This is a monumental day for us. We’re demonstrating that carbon-free transport is not just a concept but a reality, especially in industrial settings like waste management,” he said.

The Truck’s Capabilities

Designed to be as efficient as any other garbage truck, this hydrogen-powered marvel can cover up to 200 kilometres in a single waste collection run. It’s also engineered to perform around 1,000 bin-lifts over an eight-hour period. These features make it a practical and sustainable solution for waste collection.

The choice of Illawarra as the launch site was strategic. The region is close to the newly inaugurated Coregas hydrogen fuelling station at Port Kembla, making it easier to keep the truck running.

The Economics of Going Green

While Chris Wade did not disclose the exact cost of this hydrogen-powered vehicle, he acknowledged that the investment was significant. However, he also noted that the decision to go green was driven by customer demand for more sustainable solutions.

As more companies in the heavy freight sector adopt hydrogen technology, Wade anticipates that the costs associated with these vehicles will decline. This will make it increasingly feasible for other companies to make the switch.

The Vision Behind the Vehicle

The truck was conceived and constructed by Hyzon Motors, a leader in hydrogen technology. John Edgley, the International Relations President and Australian Managing Director of Hyzon Motors, described the day as “historic.”

“We’ve shown that it’s possible to design, build, and fuel a hydrogen-powered vehicle locally. This is how you build a hydrogen community,” Edgley remarked. He also mentioned that Hyzon has built eight other trucks and even exported one to the United States.

Environmental Impact and Future Plans

Remondis estimates that the hydrogen-powered truck will reduce yearly carbon dioxide emissions by 75 tonnes and save 25,000 litres of diesel fuel. This is a significant step toward reducing the carbon footprint of waste management operations.

Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery welcomed the truck’s arrival. “This is just the beginning of our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from council operations,” he said, emphasizing the importance of transitioning from diesel to more sustainable fuel options like hydrogen.

FAQs on Hydrogen-Powered Garbage Trucks

How much does a hydrogen-powered garbage truck cost?
The exact cost is undisclosed, but it’s a significant investment.

Why did Illawarra get the first hydrogen-powered garbage truck?
The region is close to a hydrogen fuelling station, making it a practical choice.

What are the truck’s capabilities?
It can cover 200 km and perform 1,000 bin-lifts in an 8-hour shift.

How will this affect carbon emissions?
The truck is expected to reduce yearly CO2 emissions by 75 tonnes.

Is this the future of waste management?
It’s a significant step toward greener, more sustainable waste management solutions.


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